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Ok but wouldnt it be more relevant to do it as a % of total votes cast which would be the actual voting results...
That has already been done, obviously. I wanted to compare them in a different way.

Your analysis, IMO, seems to miss some obvious factors (unless you've covered it previously). For example, how many people in the state are eligible to vote? Then one would ask of those people, how many are actually registered? That leads to how many of those registered people are able to vote based on open/closed primary rules etc.
The number of people eligible to vote is of no relation to what I am comparing. The percentage of the population eligible to vote, is arguably related, but I disagree with that. In some states, felons aren't allowed to vote. The states with decent laws in that respect (of course, felons should be able to vote), shouldn't be punished because certain other states have a bad law.

What is relevant is the percentage of the population over 17 or whatever the voting age is in the various states. Feel free to come up with that info. You can start a new thread or post it here.

For what I am looking at voting age people registered vs. voting age people unregistered doesn't matter. As I explained, I'm trying to see what percentage of the population in the various states is aware of and in agreement with Paul's message. It is true that some people may be aware of and in agreement with Paul's message and not actually vote for Paul because they are very lazy people. If the people don't have the energy to register to vote and vote, I really am not concerned with them. I am not a babysitter.

Perhaps they are anarchists that don't vote. I understand that may hurt NH more than most states in these results as NH is known for having a large, nonvoting pro-liberty anarchist population compared to other state, per capita. However, NH still did best so it seems to not have hurt NH very much, compared to the other states. It seems to be either a non factor or a factor so small it doesn't make a noticeable difference in the big picture.