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Thread: A little confused...

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    A little confused...

    So I am a little confused after last night, it all seemed to happen so fast. I was elected as a delegate to State, and an Alternate to County. Is this right? I thought you had to be elected at County to move on to State? Also my precinct couldn't find an official sign up sheet so they had us all write our name and contact info a piece of paper. I was not the only one that did this and then left. I was also told I can pay the fee on the website, but I don't see anywhere to do that. Where do I go from here?

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    I'm not sure but I think your next meeting will be to run for and select county delegates at the Larimer County Assembly on the 24th of March. There are not many details online but ours starts at 7:00 AM.
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    I don't live in your county, so I'll defer to someone else on the county details - including the payment, which I too thought had to be paid last night. But, you were elected as a state delegate - that's great!

    As far as the signup sheet goes, that's kind of odd that there wasn't one in your packet, but I think as long as everyone signs off on it and it has the correct info, you should be OK. We had to write some info on the back of a sheet of paper because we didn't have one of the forms, but it wasn't the sign-in sheet.
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    Well im still wondering if there is some sort of official notification I am signed up properly? I hate that i just put my name on a piece of paper and not an official document.

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    In Michigan they did the same thing when I was selected as delegate. In Michigan they asked if anybody wanted to be a delegate to the state convention. Those who would fill the empty slots stood and then were sworn in. At the next election I had to file with the county to be on the ballot and then be elected. My seat was uncontested so I won. Got 1,100 votes so that was cool.

    I'm sure it differs by state but in Michigan I was not allowed to be a delegate to the national unless I was an elected delegate and not just sworn in at a meeting. Usually you have to be elected as a county delegate before you can go to state. This is Michigan though so take that with a grain of salt. I know how you feel though, when I first was sworn in it was kind of confusing. They had us write our names down on paper with no confirmation from them about what was going on. I'd advise you to just ask your chairman how the process works and what has transpired and exactly your supposed to do. Also go to your state republican party website and usually they will have documentation on how the delegate process works.

    Here is the payment form for delegates:

    I believe they will send you your credentials after you pay.

    About half way down this page is some info on the delegate process for Colorado. On the MI GOP website we had a PDF about the delegate process for MI but it doesn't seem they have anything like that for CO. Just talk to your chairman. He'll be able to give you a better explanation of how the process works.
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    EDIT: Oops. Double post. Stupid AT&T iPhone tethering with 3 bars of EDGE network.
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    Dishonest money makes for dishonest people.

    Andrew Napolitano, John Stossel. FOX News Liberty Infiltrators.

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    Dr. Paul is living rent-free in the minds of the neocons, and for a fiscal conservative, free rent is always a good thing
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    Ugh I am so blind. I looked all over the site trying to find where to pay lol. Thanks for the information this will help a lot and I am just going to pay asap. I really think Paul did well in CO last night. Lots of reports on here of people securing delegate spots and a buddy of mine and people he went with swept the spots at his location.

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    You only have to be an alternate to county to qualify for a state position, so you're good to go. Hope to see you there. But there rest sounds a little wonky. Granted, I'm in El Paso county, but they should have taken your payment there. My chairman even said that they have to be in by noon today (might have been his personal deadline however). Please call your local GOP office, confirm your position and ask them how to pay ASAP.

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    So at the County and State assemblies, how does the voting work? Since there will be tons of people how do I identify Paul supporters? How long do I stay "stealth" and at what point are we required to pledge our support?

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    A lot of it has to do with how you were ranked (since all alternates should have been) at your caucus. I'm not sure how they choose between the precincts, but I don't think there's much voting involved. They usually need so many people, that they just take large swaths. I would still stay stealth until promoted, however. Just in case.

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