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Thread: Peace, Prosperity and Freedom.

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    Peace, Prosperity and Freedom.

    I think you guys will be inspired by this.

    Peace, Prosperity and Freedom.

    People who see the best of Ron Paul have studied the man and know what he will do as President, because we reviewed his 25-year voting record in Congress and we learned he has a record of respecting our rights. In fact, our active-duty military men and women donate more to him than to all of the other candidates combined. They, in particular, see and know what is going on in foreign lands, and they respect their oath to our Constitution. They know that our country forcing itself as the policeman of the world only makes us weaker. While we don’t have our military protecting our own borders, they are on borders all over the world in 900 bases helping other countries’ economies and security. To boot, as our government spends over a trillion dollars a year of our tax money on this poor foreign policy, they weaken our country because it brings us closer to bankruptcy. In these wars, we are killing men, women, and children in other countries. Sharia Law which treats women very poorly is blossoming in every country that we attack. After we intervened, women lost rights. See a pattern? We attack a country, the people in that country lose their rights, their lives, and their land. These wars hurt us and them, our families, and their families, and only help the elitists, who make money on war.

    The media has a black out on Ron Paul to keep him from winning the Presidency. He currently has only 4 opponents running for president. And he wins most online polls, straw polls, and he beat Pawlenty, Bachmann, Cain, Perry, and Huntsman without any help from the media. YET, with all his accomplishments and qualifications, he gets no positive news. Obama has broken too many promises and divided this country as much as Bush did. Mitt Romney has received most of his funding from Goldman Sachs and the banking industry (just like Obama did), and has flip-flopped on all of the important issues of the day, e.g., bailouts, healthcare, taxes, spending, stimulus, immigration, etc. He agrees with Obama on a lot of issues. Newt is even worse because he has a 30-year record of being a serial hypocrite – by attacking Clinton for an affair, while he was having his own, by receiving millions from lobbyists while he influenced government policies, or by lying so well on just about everything while calling everyone else a liar. Santorum, on his best day, is even more extreme and divisive than Bush was on his worst day; plus, there is no way he can win logistically, because he failed to get on the ballot of many states. Ron Paul is the honest candidate, the proven candidate, the consistent candidate. Dr. Paul is the only veteran in the race to serve us. He never makes deals with lobbyists. And he is the only one who the media tries to destroy, by ignoring him and by outright misrepresenting him.

    He follows the Golden Rule of treating others like you want to be treated. He believes in peaceful alliances with other countries. He spreads the message of Peace, Prosperity, and Freedom to all by serving as a role model. He always stands by the side of Our Bill of Rights. He studies economics as a hobby, and for decades, he has predicted everything that has happened to our economy due to the government policies. And he warned us, but the media never lets him talk, because they know that if they let Ron Paul talk too much, people would realize that he has the best chance of uniting our country based on our common values, and that we agree with him more than we have been led to believe. Our common values far outweigh our differences. We all want the best for our country, our children, our families, our friends, and ourselves. Dr. Ron Paul is the only authentic candidate we may ever have again if we don’t fight for him now.

    Ron Paul supporters are passionate because we see that we are losing our rights and our economy just to benefit the corrupt marriage between big government and big banks / lobbyists. We Ron Paul supporters see that Ron needs help to fight the powerful establishment assisted by the corrupt and corporate media. Ron’s opponents now speak his ideas and his words, but their records prove they had different ideas a few months ago. They use his words and ideas because they know the country loves this stuff.

    Be informed if you vote. And get active if you want things to improve. Wake up and stop feeling demoralized, hopeless, and helpless. We have power and we have the numbers, but we must unite and join forces to make this happen, because Goliath is much bigger than David. If things get really bad because Ron loses, Americans will only have themselves to blame for the continued ‘head in the sand’ syndrome or ‘glued to the TV for any of your news’ disorder. Go to the internet for your news and talk to people.

    Ron Paul is electable. “THEY” want you to think he is not. But he can unite our anti-war liberals, our fiscally conservative tea party folks, the Occupy Wall Street protestors who want our government to divorce the lobbyists, the people who value our Constitution, those who want to spread democracy in the world by being the best role model, those who would rather preserve our Social Security than throw it all away on more wars, and the people who want the government off of their backs. He always tells the truth, whether it is popular or not. He is the only one who we can trust right now. Our ideal President is someone brave, ethical, and intelligent… someone who cares about our soldiers, our individual rights, our economy, and our children.

    This country is in bad shape. Don’t trust the media propaganda that things are getting better, when manufacturing plants are closing daily and the middle class is continuing to face loss of jobs, loss of homes, and loss of individual rights. Inflation is killing our elderly on fixed incomes, and the rest of us struggle because of this hidden enormous tax. We are in a revolution. And the revolution needs your help desperately and quickly. The months of February and March will probably decide the victor. We have a chance to win. You can help to make that happen, by voting wisely.

    Simply put, the powers that be don’t care about us. We have to reclaim our country again from the tyrants who get richer by the billions and trillions as we lose our shirts. WAKE UP RIGHT NOW. This could very well be our last chance to have an honest candidate and get the message out.
    The media is making Ron sound like a crazy nut, but if you really listen to him, you will see he has sound views on money, rights, and foreign policy. If the mainstream media and the politicians in Washington say one thing, the opposite is usually true.

    Ron Paul inspires people. He stands for our freedoms more than any other politician in recent memory. He is brave enough to stand up against the establishment. He can run for president because he gets donations from regular people and our military. He voted against so many bad bills passed in the last 20 years that he is known as Dr. No. If only 10% of our people approve of Congress, and only 44% approve of our president, can you imagine how bad things will get in another 20 years with the same policies of big government and big banks and big media? We should have a government that generates 80% approval ratings. That can only happen with Ron Paul.

    Ron Paul supporters are killing themselves to get Ron elected. They hold up the biggest signs, volunteer, and are called bots for this Paul-Revere act. Have some empathy. You don’t have to be complacent this time, you can become a bot. It has its good sides. It makes you feel proud to be an American, living in the once most free and prosperous country in the world. It makes you feel like a hero and a patriot. It makes you feel useful and helpful. It makes you feel like you are doing good in the world. It is a great feeling. Join the peaceful revolution to avoid the inevitable violent revolution.

    A Ron Paul Presidency provides us with the best chance to have happy news: good money in our pockets, peace in the world, and neighbors and friends who never complain about the government.

    There are times in our lives where we can just sit around watching reality shows and cheering a sports team. This is the time to be a patriot. Remember that we are the land of the brave and the free!!!

    While we scream about Ron Paul, we see so many who don’t want to listen to us. But every day, people are waking up to the message. The war is on and we will win!!! We are the warriors!!!

    Ron Paul supporters need more help! Give him a chance!

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    I am bumping this again, because it contains a lot of ideas we can use to motivate people to take a chance on Ron Paul

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