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Thread: Romney’s Wife Had $3 Million in Secret Swiss Bank Account; Not Reported in Tax Returns

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    Romney’s Wife Had $3 Million in Secret Swiss Bank Account; Not Reported in Tax Returns

    from the article -

    "Another factor appears to have played into this decision. The release of the tax returns shows Romney neglected to disclose some required financial information in his personal disclosure form filed with the Office of Government Ethics last year. His team apparently timed the release of his tax records with the hope that State of the Union hooplah would dominate news coverage and result in his finances getting less attention than they might otherwise. And that appears to been correct. His failure to divulge information about 23 investments, and more important his use of secret Swiss bank accounts, has been given a free pass. As Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington director Melanie Sloan observed, “Mr. Romney says the errors are minor, but then again he also claims earning $374,000 in speaking fees isn’t much money.”"

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    If I failed to report 5,000 bucks on my return the IRS would be all over me. For Mitt 3 million is minor error..

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    For all you with Mormon family, Romney could be the key to seeing Mormon church corruption exposed.

    It's not all the Roman Catholic church. It's this way with every man made religion. Filthy all the way.

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