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Thread: Newly Formed Reddit Super PAC May Back Sheriff Mack Against Lamar Smith

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    Newly Formed Reddit Super PAC May Back Sheriff Mack Against Lamar Smith

    We can defeat Lamar Smith in the upcoming elections (self.rpac)

    submitted 19 hours ago by campaign_trail_2012

    Edit: I posted in /r/Politics to get a broader coalition here. Hopefully it won't be lost in the constant barrage of posts.

    It seems as if much of Reddit would be quite happy to see Lamar Smith, US congressman from Texas district 21, not re-elected to office for another term. I concur. However due to really lax policies towards gerrymandering Lamar Smith has one of the safest seats in Texas. Defeating him with a Democratic challenger wouldn't likely be an avenue of success. The best way to deliver his pink slip would be through the auspices of the Republican primary system.

    Sheriff Mack

    Indeed, Lamar smith has a challenger for his republican spot and I think Reddit will be quite pleased with who it is. I can't imagine anyone more perfectly Texan than an actual, gun-toting sheriff. He sees himself as a no-nonsense, fiscal conservative with a libertarian streak. He endorsed Ron Paul for the presidency and actively speaks out against SOPA and PIPA on his website. Knowing the motivation as well as generous pockets of Ron Paul supporters it would be great to have their help backing this candidate. As well, he personally owns several firearms and is sure to please many second amendment enthusiasts, which I'm told are very plentiful in Texas.

    So let me lay out a scenario, and you can upvote or downvote, tell me why you think it's impossible, or a great idea, or just post a funny one-liner. It's all appreciated.

    Using the nation-wide (and international) Reddit community as a jumping-off point, we can throw our collective weight behind this candidate and register enough new voters or change enough current voters' minds to defeat Lamar smith at the polls this April 3. Let's take a look at the facts. Against a Democrat, Smith gets 68.9% of the vote. Against the Libertarian challenger, he got 80%. The question is: could we oust Lamar Smith using the primary process in the Republican Party? This all depends on our ground game between now and then. Also, if you read about the 2006 election in the district, it shows that the district boundaries themselves might be an unknown quantity. This could throw a wrench into our campaign but I have a feeling that any controversy about the district will only help our cause and damage Lamar Smith.

    I'm not from Texas. However, I'm sure there are many Redditors in Texas. If anyone from Austin or San Antonio happen to be reading this thread, all I would ask is that you post here if you're willing to entertain the idea of volunteering some of your time towards this end. If we have enough people on the ground in District 21 then we can network together and co-ordinate on a national level to win this campaign. Focusing the collective efforts and donations from 50 states onto onto one district like a Newt Gingrich moon-laser beam, we could cause an electoral upset and send Lamar Smith to explore new employment options.

    So that's about it. You know the score now, it's up to you what to do next. Personally I have no skin in the game - I'm not even from the United States, let alone Texas. I know that if I was, though, I'd probably be opening my chequebook or stuffing an envelope with some money and sending it to Sheriff Mack.

    Oh, one last thing: Inside Lamar Smith's district is the University of Texas at Austin. I suggest we make this the base of operations for running the campaign. There's no doubt in my mind that Redditors that don't like Lamar smith exist there, and I'm sure no-one else would be more motivated than people that live in his very district.

    Note: In order to vote in Texas you must be registered 30 days before the primary, that is to say, by March 3. We need to register thousands of voters. Also, we need to get started yesterday.

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    Thanks for the Post Zatch !!!!!


    Yes! I am sending you this from Austin Texas where the grass roots movement is currently gearing up for the campaign against Lamar Smith. We are currently working with the Liberty For All Super Pac.

    Zatch, I was interested in your comment about reddit setting up a super pac to support sheriff mack. Can you please post the link to this information? Do you know who is in charge of the reddit super pac?

    The more information the better Zatch.

    Greetings from Austin,

    Rafael A. R.

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