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    Yucca Mountain

    Yucca Mountain is a winning Ron Paul issue. Push it. Newt voted for Yucca Mountain. That is, he voted to dump all the nation's nuclear waste in Nevada. Nevadans didn't like that. Still don't. Let's remind them. Paul is the only Congressman (other than the Nevada Congressmen) to vote against this dumping.

    Santorum voted for it too, and still supports it:

    Former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) also supported the project, saying that "we need safe storage sites for nuclear waste, and I support Yucca Mountain as one when done in a safe and responsible manner." --

    Romney, predictably, takes both sides of the issue, talking out of both sides of his mouth:

    But Romney went to South Carolina and got the endorsement of its Tea Party governor, who said the main reason she supports Romney is because he promises to bring the proposed high-level nuclear waste dump at Yucca Mountain back from the dead. --

    I think we could get some good mileage out of this issue.
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    Sounds good.

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    I am not sure that this is best way to inform campaign. Maybe you could email them. I am not sure that anyone from campaign even reads this.
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    For more info. or to help spread the word, go to the promotion thread here.

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    If I had to answer this question truthfully I'd probably piss a lot of people off lol, Barrex would be a better person to ask he doesn't seem to care lol.

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    Yes, you could contact Doug Wead through his website:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barrex View Post
    I am not sure that this is best way to inform campaign. Maybe you could email them. I am not sure that anyone from campaign even reads this.
    It's not just the campaign that needs to be aware of it.
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    Nevada, I hear you on Yucca Mountain and my Administration will RESPECT you! Congress and previous Administrations have long failed to find lasting solutions – my Administration is committed to exploring innovative approaches – I’m confident we can get it done!
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