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Thread: No new polls for Nevada?

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    No new polls for Nevada?

    Does anyone know of any new polls for Nevada?
    It seems strange that the last one that I found ended on December 20th.

    Since some polls seem to be created for voter manipulation, I wonder if Ron Paul could be doing better than expected?

    Here's the RealClearPolitics link which has all the "current" polls:
    A vote against Ron Paul is a vote for Obama

    "The greatest enemy of knowledge is not is the illusion of knowledge." - Stephen Hawking

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    Well, there's a new poll out now.

    Ron Paul 9%
    Santorum 11%

    I don't believe it.
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    A vote against Ron Paul is a vote for Obama

    "The greatest enemy of knowledge is not is the illusion of knowledge." - Stephen Hawking

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    yeah i saw that on fox, not sure if i am buying it either. It seems to be the same numbers as florida

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    ppppolls PublicPolicyPolling 2-3-12
    Nevada poll: Romney 50, Gingrich 25, Paul 15, Santorum 8:
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    The numbers DO NOT MATTER.

    Here is why. Delegates do not indicate which candidate they intend to vote for until later in the Election Cycle. In Nevada, ONLY THE FIRST ROUND IS BINDING. Thus, come Super Tuesday, the Super Delegates get to vote for whoever they want. Unlike Florida's 'Winner Take All', we have decided that we need the Delegates to be able to choose for themselves. Those who voluneered to be Delegates, such as myself, may not make it all the way. Every precint can nominate a certain number of Delegates, thus, we currently have MORE Delegates than will continue on to the Final Round, the Super Delegates, and NO ONE KNOWS WHO THEY WILL BE YET.

    This means that even if we get our asses handed to us, we can still come out in first place and win by a landslide IF we play our cards correctly. In order to do that, we must continue to be involved in every stage of the Election Process and do everything we can to be the Nominated Delegates, even if that means HIDING the fact that we intend to vote for Ron Paul from others in order to secure the support from other people.

    DO NOT LET THE NUMBERS FOOL YOU. The media is throwing around numbers and acting like those numbers are the final vote tally. They are not. They mean as much as an Informal Survey. The Delegates is where it is at, and where WE WILL BE.
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