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Thread: Where do I go to talk about Car Magnets?

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    Where do I go to talk about Car Magnets?

    I need to return the ones I've been sent, they are so badly bent I can't get them to stay on my truck, and I'm in NV and our time is soon approaching.

    I hate to cause any fuss but I can't use them the way they are.

    Does anyone know where I can call or email for an exchange, I got them from the RP campaign directly?

    I need to get this done ASAP!

    I am still using my 2008 car magnets but, for obvious reasons I would like the 2012 ones.

    Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.


    edit: Never mind, of course as soon as I make this post I find the phone number for the store, and they are closed. I would delete the post but it doesnt appear to be an option.

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