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Thread: "END THE FED" Gold Jacket Lapel Button during Debates

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    "END THE FED" Gold Jacket Lapel Button during Debates

    I was considering the advertising space afforded by the black background of the all but given dark suit attire for presidential debates. I'm envisioning a series of gold buttons that were large enough to display concise campaign messages. The text on the button would need to "appear", during a headshot, about the same size (or maybe a little smaller) as the "ticker" text at the bottom of the screen, which often displays the question last asked. Some examples of a lapel button Ron would include:







    Just short but encompasing campaign promises, slogans, or defacto titles in clear gold text on the lapel of Ron's jacket, just barely big enough to be read at 240p on youtube during a head shot.

    Perhaps a DECRIMINALIZE IT button when we get to California

    Whatcha think? Do you think Ron would be up for it?

    On debate night, the only other bit of advertising space that candidates have is their TIE. All four candidates are plugging along with very conservative ties. I think ron could stand apart, and he has the political clout as "champion of the constitution", to really make a statement with his tie. I know its not very "conservative" but a vibrant Red White and Blue flag beneath his chin would make him shine on stage.

    or perhaps a:

    or make a statement with a Gadsden Flag Tie.

    as opposed to:

    Overall, my point is that RP Campaign might wisely consider and leverage the advertising space that he gets on his necktie and jacket lapel on debate night. A little gossip on what tie Ron wore last night during the debate, and why, would be simply positive. If you agree, please pass this message along to campaign leadership!

    thanks for reading,

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