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Thread: Imminent Threat

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    Imminent Threat

    I was thinking has Ron Paul ever answered a question about how he would respond to an imminent threat? Not Iran getting a nuclear weapon, or threat to Israel but an actual imminent threat to the country being attacked not by a nation but by terrorists.

    Red phone type of an imminent threat where there is no time to consult congress on an appropriate action where he and his administration are the only ones to make the decision quickly on how to respond.

    I know it is a hypothetical, but most the people that do not like his foreign policy is because they have been programmed to be afraid of things like that more than a collapsing economy. They want the president to protect them and make them feel safe.
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    he has said SEVERAL times that as Commander In Chief, he would use executive orders, in lieu of a congressional declaration, to thwart an imminent threat.

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    imminent terrorist threat with no time for congress to declare war? Then they must be on american soil and you get a warrant in 5 seconds, locate them, take care of it. Otherwise if you dont know where they are what will you do besides raise the terror level?

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