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Thread: Looking for RP supporters in Northern Minnesota

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    Default Looking for RP supporters in Northern Minnesota

    I'm in the process of organizing for the caucus so if you are a Northern Minnesota resident, please message me so I can get your info into the hands of someone from Ron Paul's campaign in your area. Also message me if you know anyone that is or may be a Paul supporter.

    - ML

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    I'm from Northern Minnesota, but the campaign already has my information.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zerosdontcount View Post Don't know if you've posted there or not yet.
    That's a good start and there should be other groups listed in the "likes" box on the left side of the page from Minnesota.

    Also check and and there may be a campaign for liberty chapter near you.

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    Is JC your organizer?

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    I am sure you already know about them, but there is a solid YFP contingent at UMD.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZanZibar View Post
    Is JC your organizer?

    - ML

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    There's a group at UMD that I know of.

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