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Thread: Phone from home becoming a liability?

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    Default Phone from home becoming a liability?

    First off I think phone from home is a great idea - in concept.

    I don't have the link but I recently read a thread here where it was exposed that the same group that tried to organize an impostor "KKK support march" in SC in order to slander Dr. Paul was now using our phone from home platform to harass voters while saying they were from Dr. Paul's campaign.

    Does someone have the link?
    It sounded like a redstate organized thing.

    My question is: how prevalent do you think this is?
    Is it worth ending phone from home and sticking to campaign volunteers calling instead?

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    If it is going on, it's minimal, probably 100 out of 1000s of calls, its still terrible but I think the benefits outweigh the negatives.

    I mean consider it this way, people can dress up as KKK and pretend to be ron supporters that happens with out without PFH, they can post online as paul supporters and say racist things, and finally they can phone people - same concept, we'll never totally eliminate it.

    edit: unless other campaigns / pacs are actively organizing to sabotage it which i wouldnt put behind them, i think its fine.
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    I dont think they were using our PFH as they were apparently making calls very late at night. Our system doesnt allow calls after 9pm.

    Also, the calls are audited. I would imagine that they are aware of the "regulars". They probably focus on the new comers and select others.

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    It is not prevalent at all. The calls are randomly monitored to ensure people are staying on script. If someone did come in to cause problems, they would be discovered rather quickly. IMO, the benefits of the program outweigh any potential risk of sabotage.

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