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Thread: Stephen Moore of the WSJ on Judge Nap

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    Default Stephen Moore of the WSJ on Judge Nap

    Stephen Moore is one of the more classy people who I respect. He's a little goofy sometimes, but boy oh boy did he delivery a biggy yesterday:

    "Imagine what America would be like without an income tax. But what I really like about the way he [Ron Paul] frames this issue Judge is, as you know I'm an economist, I mean can you image America's position, competitive position, in the world if Ron Paul were able to get our income tax rate down to zero when other countries have 30, 40, 50% rates. You would see the most massive insourcing of jobs into America in the history of the world!"

    Question: But could he do it?

    Stephen's Answer: "But look if Ron Paul were elected president I believe he would have the moral authority and the mandate from voters to do this."

    RevolutionPac needs to put that clip on the air now!

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    This should be in grassroots central. Media spin is for bad stuff.

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