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Thread: VIDEO - Glenn Beck attacks Ron Paul as Sounding Like Bin Laden

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    VIDEO - Glenn Beck attacks Ron Paul as Sounding Like Bin Laden

    I respond to the arrogant idiot - Glenn Beck; Some Cursing! lol

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    I can't believe I actually use to like Glenn Beck.

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    Yea these people are just playing to dumb Americans emotional plastic flag nationalism of we're the best and so exceptional we can do NO wrong mentality. 9-11 happened #1 because we screw with other countries constantly #2 because our defense is for the benefit of military contractors not our safety #3 because 'they' needed a new pearl harbor. Hate me if you like but the story we got about 9-11 from the government is bull$#@! and it's so difficult to even talk foreign policy with out talking about 9-11, stating the REAL basis for the war on terror and what / who caused it. I couldn't care less about ANY other country at this point we're so bad off in this country it's time we take care of things at home. It's been 100+ year of USA global cop, time for the rest of the world to pay for their own security. I say we're bad off looking down the road, it may not be evident to some but our economy is a house of cards in slow motion collapse. Nothing has been fixed since 2008 NOTHING, all the malinvestment and derivatives are still sitting there like a giant pressure switch activated bomb. Just so much stress on the economy and the events will cascade. The last thing we need to be doing right now is worrying about other countrys!

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    Beck has had his day in the sun. Wish him the best (just like Hannity). My main problem with Glen is that he bores the $#@! out of me so I quit listening long ago.

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    Beck used to present valuable information and some pretty solid insight. At some point he took on the tone of a televangelist which is basically what he is now. At the end of the day, he always was and always will be a member of the "they hate us for our freedoms" camp. He is useless.
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    ...but when the trumpets blew again and the knights charged, the name they cried was "Stannis! Stannis! STANNIS!"

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