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Thread: Are you a cartoonist? Can you make videos?

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    Default Are you a cartoonist? Can you make videos?

    Hello, my first post, so please be brutally honest (gentle) with your criticism/comments. Though I was raised in Canada most of my life, I always remember that my early years were U-S-A before my parents moved north. I'm in London England now 'selling' Ron Paul to the many americans I know. Lemme cut to the chase, check this video:

    I know it was used by another party, but the actual story (parable) does not belong to him... See if it is at all possible to slightly change this story of Mouseland to make it applicable to Ron Paul... Maybe use a slightly different take on the video. It's a very popular concept and if re-done, I think it would make for a good video... Lemme know what you think? Thanks... and my apologies if I am not as tech savy as the rest of us Ronbots... lol... If this is a stupid idea, feel free to let me know... And I"ll go back to spreading the Ron Paul gospel to all... Keep up the good work folks...

    AND BTW: I know that this is a 'socialist party's' video... I also beleive in a Rebublic... Hard sweat should pay off, and no free rides for anyone! But the story is still a nice little one... Maybe it can be called American Mouseland???
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