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Thread: We Need CNMI's 9 Delegates

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    We Need CNMI's 9 Delegates

    What kind of support does Paul have in the Northern Marianas? It is important that we win these 9 delegates. The CNMI precinct caucuses happen from Tuesday February 7th - Saturday February 11th.
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    Any organization in CNMI?

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    Some sources have the 25th of February as their actual caucus date. Any confirmation on when exactly their caucus is? What kind of infrastructure do we have if any?

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    Here is Northern Marianas College FB Page:

    Could maybe find some students tell them about Ron Paul. Only college on the island

  7. #6 <--- These guys might be worth getting in touch with. I know, strange bedfellows an all, but every vote counts in CNMI at this point.

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    CNMI results are in, Paul tied for 3rd place with 3% of the vote. I hope they knew about the delegate strategy.

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