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Thread: Any chance he quits & makes a deal with Newt ?

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    Any chance he quits & makes a deal with Newt ?

    Just to prevent Romney from winning SC

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    This could happen _after_ SC but not before it.

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    Santorum knows he's pulling in mad props from SC so-cons on his "hate teh gays" message.

    No chance he bails before SC.

    However...after SC (and beyond), I expect to see every candidate make every deal or endorsement they can possibly make to attempt to screw Ron. Cause they are scared to death of this man.
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    Why would Santorum quit when he came in first in Iowa. He's running a moral campaign anyway so he isn't quitting. Newt won't quit because his head is too big, literally and figuratively. Perry wants to outlast Newt, but for some reason I think he is staying in to be a stalking horse for someone else, like Jindal?

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    If he is Karl Rove's VP candidate for Mittens, he won't quit.

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    Santorum bought Iowa votes from pastors, they got the flock out for him. He and Gingrich have ego's the size of Texas. They will not attack each other at all. One will give up after SC with the others endorsement. Its time for a CNN Perry surge anyway.

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    Sick Rantorum is just another megalomaniac polltician; he'll stay in to gain maximum TeeVee face time, for as long as he doesn't get embarrassed.
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