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  • Rand Paul

    16 4.40%
  • Chuck Hagel

    27 7.42%
  • Judge Napolitano

    114 31.32%
  • Barack Obama

    14 3.85%
  • Someone else

    193 53.02%
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Thread: Running Mate?

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    Running Mate?

    got to win some primaries first. but heh

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    Right now I'd like to see South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford

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    I would rather see a PAUL/OBAMA ticket than a CLINTON/OBAMA ticket. Fours years with Ron Paul and Barack might learn a thing or two! President Paul steps aside in 2012 and Obama becomes the incumbent. Obama in whitehouse until 2020. Hey it could be worse. How does 8 years of Hillary sound?

    I would love to see Rand Paul and Ron on a ticket, that would be interesting. If anything happened to Ron (God forbid) who better to carry out his ideals? I don't know, just some late night speculation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cap'n Crunk View Post
    Right now I'd like to see South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford
    Based on what little I know of him, I tend to agree.

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    F**k you Frank!

    Now that I've got that out of the way I like Pat Buchanan or Will Grigg.
    State of New York - 24th Congressional District

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    Dream Team

    Clinton snubs Obama on the VP ticket. Disgusted, but rather than selling out for a prosperous career and maybe bigger career than Colon Powell, RP reaches across the aisle and achieves true bi-partisianship. Obama remains open minded and gradually subscribes to the RP ways and ideals. Sets himself up for a guranteed Pres. victory in 2012 or 2016 if RP goes 2 terms.

    I like the idea and the votes Obama would bring. Unfortunately, he looks like he's being relegated to the establishment's next whipping boy.

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    Assuming he faces Hillary, Karen Kwiatkowski.

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    sarah palin or karen kwiatkowski

    HA HA we both posted KK at the exact same time

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    Walter Jones R-N.C.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danny Molina View Post
    Pat Buchanan.
    no, he is an isolationist ...

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    Dick Cheney.


    Kucinich would be interesting.
    "You are a den of vipers and thieves. I intend to rout you out, and by the Eternal God, I will rout you out."
    Andrew Jacksons words to a delegation of bankers, 1832.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tsetsefly View Post
    no, he is an isolationist ...
    He is a protectionist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baseline View Post
    Dick Cheney.


    Kucinich would be interesting.
    Baseline, my son said the same thing to me last night. My question is this, how strong is Kucinich regarding the Constitution? I'm not flaming you, I am in the dark as far as Kucinich.

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    Pat Buchanan.
    We will win this...

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    Just imagine the bumper sticker, if Dr. Paul chose Walter Jones for his running mate.


    This would invoke many memories about the "Paula Jones" episode during the Clinton Years. This would be a nightmare for the Hillary camp if she were the nominee facing Dr. Paul. There would be constant questions.

    By the way, Walter Jones is the only other member who gets a 100% rating on his votes in Congress in regards to Constitutionality.

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    On general principles, Ron Paul would never pick Obama. It's not in the cards. It has to be an independent or a Republican. Other than that, it would be nice to have someone who bring along the most votes. Under a normal administration, the VPs powers are limited, so I don't really care. Wouldn't it be a waste of talent to put Judge Napolitano on the ticket? Wouldn't he be better as the AG?

    Anyway, all of this is premature.
    When all else fails,
    there's always

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    I voted for Obama in the poll for sheer amusement.

    Rand Paul would be a poor political want someone from a different state, with a slightly different political base and area of expertise. Father/son duos don't really fly.

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    John Stossel.

    The mustache can't lose.

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    I really like John Stossel, but people don't really take him seriously and would question his choice since he has no political experience.

    I'm really hoping for Sarah Palin. She has the highest rating of any governor in the country and has done a bunch of libertarian-esque stuff in her state. Plus she could draw some of the vote away from Hillary.

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    I have yet to hear anyone make the case for why Mark Sanford would be a good nominee. *shakes head*

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    Voted for Hagel by accident. Meant to choose the Judge.
    Wait! Before you send an email, make a phone call, etc, ask yourself:

    What Would Ron Paul Do?

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    Penn Jillette.

    Whoever he chooses should be more than adequate, though.

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    Obama??? Kucinich??? Are you f'ing kidding me?

    Walter Williams or Mark Sanford.

    I like the potential that Williams brings w/ the Rush Limbaugh audience.

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    I like Sarah Palin. She has been courageous about fighting government waste in AK and seems to have a very strong libertarian streak. She is also a fun speaker and would make a great goodwill ambassador for the US.

    I hate to talk about appearance (she is a former beauty queen, Miss AK I think) but she is very attractive. She has an open, honest face, and she and RP would look good together on a ticket.

    A lot of people (not RP fans) have been pushing for her to present herself as a VP candidate, but she feels she has more important work to do in Alaska. However, I'd bet she would join RP, knowing that she would be making a real contribution.

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    I like the Judge and also Mark Sanford. I like Williams but he is the same age as Paul. The ticket should be balanced with someone younger.

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