LENOIR (January 9) – On Saturday, Jordon Greene, candidate for the North Carolina House of Representatives in District 87 covering all of Caldwell County, became the first candidate for that seat to sign the Taxpayers United of America’s “Taxpayer Protection Pledge.” The Taxpayer Protection Pledge states “I, Jordon Greene, on this date [01-07-2012], pledge to the taxpayers of North Carolina that I will oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes.”

Greene said, “The state has a moral obligation, while providing for the legitimate constitutional expenditures of our state, to keep the burden of taxation on the people of North Carolina and Caldwell County as low as possible. This pledge is my promise to the people of Caldwell County to never vote for a tax increase but for less spending.”

Greene continued by asserting that “the practice of extending corporate welfare programs, aka bailouts, and special breaks to big business to ‘facilitate job growth’ is wrong on at least two fronts. These programs favor big business while impeding small business and entrepreneurs by giving special benefits to some over others, violating the Republican principle of upholding the free-market for a more socialized approach. In essence a wealth transfer, taking the citizen’s hard earned income and giving it to big business and impeding competition.” “This leads to the second problem. Corporate welfare programs and special tax breaks in essence act as a tax on the people. If we were to eliminate these programs we could work to reduce taxation and allow the free-market and a low equal tax structure to facilitate job growth in a natural environment, not one ‘stimulated’ by the government.”

Jordon says that he is unwilling to increase taxes on the people of North Carolina, “Many in Caldwell County and around North Carolina are struggling to get by and are in need of jobs and need to keep the income they make. It would be my job as a representative of the people to make sure the people retain as much of their income as possible and that includes refusing on principle to raise their taxes but instead working to reduce them.”


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Jordon Greene is a Republican candidate for the North Carolina State House in District 87 covering all of Caldwell County. Greene is challenging nine-term incumbent Representative Edgar V. Starnes for the Republican nomination to give Caldwell County a voice that will stand for the Constitution, Individual Liberty and the Free-Market. Jordon is a volunteer election law reform advocate, political activist, web designer and born again Christian. You can find the Jordon Greene for NC House campaign online at