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Thread: This is SURREAL Video Ron Paul Right About Everything

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    This is SURREAL Video Ron Paul Right About Everything

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    No he's not a prophet. Talking like that just makes us look insane. Many of the predictions he made in that speech never even came true. The reason he is able to sometimes make accurate predictions is because he has a good model of how the world works and is able to run simulations in his head that allow him to come up with possible scenarios of how things will play out.

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    Hey, man before you write your opinion why don't you watch the video. You responded without any time to watch it. I doubt any human being could be that accurate.

    Irregardless of whether he is a prophet or not doesn't change the fact that he is accurate about everything.
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    It doesn't matter. He's still not a "prophet". It kinda makes us look a little nutty to carry the hero worship that far.
    Open Borders: A Libertarian Reappraisal or why only dumbasses and cultural marxists are for it.

    Cultural Marxism: The Corruption of America

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    Quote Originally Posted by LibertyEagle View Post
    It doesn't matter. He's still not a "prophet". It kinda makes us look a little nutty to carry the hero worship that far.
    I changed the title I understand what you mean there are so many details that are too accurate to know.

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    Open up the Anti-Federalist papers. You may just be surprised.
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    "No man hath power over my rights and liberties, and I over no mans [sic]."

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    Ron Paul Predicts Terrorist Attacks in 1997, 1999, and 2001

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    The Republican leaders who are putting on this show have been as startled as the rest of the country at the sudden potency of once marginal ideas. But to the kids, it's obvious. This is Ron Paul's moment. He's been warning for forty years that easy money would lead to economic collapse, then easy money led to economic collapse. He warned that the Iraq war would be an expensive and bloody mistake, and the Iraq war was an expensive and bloody mistake. He spent forty years asking Congress to follow a strict interpretation of the Constitution and investigate the Federal Reserve, and now there's a powerful freshman class of Republicans pushing a strict interpretation of the Constitution and an investigation of the Federal Reserve. In 2009, he slipped an amendment into the Wall Street — reform legislation that forced the Federal Reserve to release the details of thousands of secret loans it made during the 2008 financial crisis — the Korea Development Bank? Caterpillar? — and suddenly polls started showing that Americans disliked the Fed even more than the IRS. Every Republican in the House signed on to his bill to audit the Fed. In Virginia, Republicans have introduced a bill to study the possibilities of a state currency "in the event of a major breakdown of the Federal Reserve System." He's been called the "Tea Party's brain," and his son Rand is called the "senator from the Tea Party," and all day long the speakers seemed to have been participating in a Ron Paul soundalike competition. Senator Pat Toomey told a story about a little red hen who went on strike when a government agent told her that productive workers had to divide their profit with everyone else. Congressman Raul Labrador said that the best thing the government can do for a poor man is get the hell out of the way. Senator Ron Johnson ridiculed Democrats for passing regulations on fugitive dust and spilled milk, and Grover Norquist said that Obama takes money from people who have earned it and gives it to his friends. To a movement that fetishizes the Founders' act of rebellion over a tea tax, Ron Paul is the founding father.


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