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Thread: Organization polled Iranians. Iranians said they admire America?

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    Organization polled Iranians. Iranians said they admire America?

    In the NH debate a few hours ago, I was baffled to hear Santorum say Iranians (according to polls) admire the United States because "we" spread truth.

    I tried searching for these polls, and all I could find was Gallup saying 5+ years ago that 52% of Iranians hold an unfavorable view of the USG, a Youtube video from BBC claiming Iranians admire tall people, and articles referencing the polls with the same conclusions as Santorum came to, but with no linked source.

    Anyone able to find something recent either proving or disproving Santorum's claim?
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    Doubtful. It was just a bunch of froth. That's all I heard from him tonight, as usual. It spread to the other candidates, as well, of course aside from Ron.

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