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Thread: CBS Propagandists Picture Of Latest Poll [pic]

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    Thumbs down CBS Propagandists Picture Of Latest Poll [pic]

    It omits Ron who is in second place

    I should give credit: from facebook page.

    This is after Ron Paul surges 4% in this pollsters poll. (They tend to be very pro Romney in their polls)
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    How do they sleep at night?
    An optimist is there to be hopeful when all have lost hope.

    A pessimist is there to cast doubt when no one has any.

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    no way...
    Those Who Do Not Move, Do Not Notice Their Chains.

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    Bashing him every day didn't really work out for them, they will probably just go back to completely blacking him out.

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    Ha. depends on how you look at it. with all the media bashing we got it may be a blessing. We have the money to take our message straight to the voters and this kind of thing keeps us off the radar and makes Mitten's voters apethic (oh he'll win so why should I show up). Every media outlet has been trying to shove Grinch down the public's throats for months as the conservative alternative to Mittens and look where he's at????

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    ignoring him at this stage of the game really is beyond the pale
    'These things I command you, that you love one another.' - Jesus Christ

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    Drudged. This is bull$#@!.

    What is the difference between a hero and a cop? A hero will not hesitate to risk his life to protect your safety, a cop will not hesitate to risk your life to protect his safety.
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    Authoritarian leftists. Political prisoners. Gulags. Where are we again?

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    What can we do? Stand in front of their NY studios with signs day and night?

    Cant we start like an occupy the media movement or something?

    Had enough of this sh*t.

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    My comment not fit for family viewing.

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    Something doesn't seem right in this picture.

    Oh well, it must be me.

    In Media I trust.
    "I am, therefore I'll think" - Ayn Rand

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    I prefer when they ignore us. We can run ads and generate our own votes in each state thanks to donations and a good campaign that knows how to tweak the message for each state and region. When the media bashes us, it's on a national level. We do better when they ignore us.

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    Yea, because 43 + 9 + 7 + 6 = 100...

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    Welcome to the USSA.

    America, the Doctor will free you now.

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    Sadly, almost comical at this point. I would be better off getting my news from Jon Stewart. At least I could get some good loud laughs watching it. Some damn good laughs!
    'These things I command you, that you love one another.' - Jesus Christ

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