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Thread: The Importance of Ron Paul by Larry Elder

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    The Importance of Ron Paul by Larry Elder

    If libertarian Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.

    Paul, as expected, did well in Iowa. His strong third-place finish is substantially better than he did in 2008, and his national poll numbers are twice what they were back then. Paul's appeal is easy to understand. His antiwar message of limited government, low taxes and federalism have strong appeal, especially to young people who oppose the war on drugs, take a pro-choice position on abortion and support gay marriage.

    Paul scares people who purport to embrace freedom but fear the responsibility that goes with it. Privatize Social Security? Serious change in Medicare? Call off the war on drugs? End government welfare? He actually believes in the Constitution, an amazing document that many Americans ignore, have not read or are apparently waiting for the movie version.

    Paul speaks passionately and persuasively about abolishing the departments of Education, Energy, Commerce, the Interior, and Housing and Urban Development. He wants to take a machete to the size of government when many Republicans insist on using a pocketknife.

    When then-Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson spooked Republican colleagues into voting for TARP to "save" our financial system, Paul refused. When President George W. Bush supported bailouts for the domestic auto industry, Paul opposed them. When Bush signed the prescription benefit for seniors, Paul considered it a wrongheaded expansion of an already severely unfunded entitlement program.

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    Tweet this please!

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    Whoa. Pretty good coming from that guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AquaBuddha2010 View Post
    Whoa. Pretty good coming from that guy.
    I know-right

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