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Thread: CNN INTERVIEW: Ron Paul actually isn't interrupted. ALSO: HOW TO ANSWER "ELECTABILITY" ?'s

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    Default CNN INTERVIEW: Ron Paul actually isn't interrupted. ALSO: HOW TO ANSWER "ELECTABILITY" ?'s

    Ron actually wasn't interrupted.... Huntsman comes on after and says the tweet about his 1 follower was all in "good humor". I like Huntsman... just hope he doesn't take RP votes lol.

    1. A presidential election is ALL about the independents. I won almost fifty percent of the independent vote in the IA caucus.
    2. I energize followers, especially people in the 18-29 age bracket. I won almost fifty percent of their vote in the IA caucus as well.
    3. When people get to know me, they believe in me and my message. Me being "crazy" hasn't stopped me from being elected 12 times to the House in my district.
    4. My ideas are CONSERVATIVE and DIFFERENT from Romney. I would actually be able to DEBATE obamacare because I didn't write the basis Obama used for national obamacare. I'm the only CONSERVATIVE that actually proposes CUTTING SPENDING - not CUTTING FUTURE SPENDING INCREASES. Over $1 trillion will be cut the first day I'm in office. Obama won primarily on the ticket of the "peace candidate" but he has only ESCALATED the war in Afghanistan. I am the only Republican candidate with the 75 percent of the public support on ENDING ALL THE UNNECESSARY AND COSTLY WARS OVERSEAS. Not only the public supports me, but the ARMED FORCES overwhelmingly do AS WELL.
    5. I'm the ONLY candidate that is speaking out against NDAA and Patriot Act and the soon to be passed Ex-Patriation Act (which gives President authority to remove one's citizenship). We must draw the line when it comes to liberty and STAND UP for our FREEDOM.

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    I love his tie!
    Terminus tela viaticus!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carehn View Post
    I love his tie!
    Haha hes a boss. Just realized the video has been posted but My commentary on the electability question should leave this thread UNLOCKED.

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