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    For real. It's simple. It is. But this could win it for RP because of our supporter passion and commitment. We all get at least one "Paul Buddy." That's someone who WASN'T a RP supporter before but we take with us to vote for him. Maybe we offer to buy them a burger to get them to do it but the bottom line is we talk to them about RP, convert them and take them with us to vote. If they are apathetic to voting, then we ask them to vote for RP in exchange for a burger afterwards or whatever.

    It'd really be a breeze to do for us as individuals because surely we can convert someone who wouldn't be going to vote anyway or is undecided. It's a very small price to pay. If even half of RP's supporters did it, he'd win.

    If you're in Iowa, will you commit to do this? And then, if you're in another state, will you commit to do this? I hope this thread explodes!

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    do we have many iowans on this forum?

    i get worried there aren't many ppl from iowa here besides BRUNO.

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    Are you from the Bachmann camp, cause that how she gets voted, she bribes people!

    Yeah we should try to get people to vote for Paul, but I don't know about bribing them.

    I guess a burger couldn’t hurt, but it could get costly if you have to buy a burger for 10 people or more.

    I'm down for it though. I will do what I can.

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