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    Default RON PAUL CHAT

    Everyone tired of getting kicked out of Romney Chat? anyone want to chat with undecided people who don't want to register for daily paul or ron paul forumns? Here is the solution

    I have been behind the guest chat, open chat for quite a long time, pushing both the daily paulers and ron paul forum, in order to compete with the Romney chat.
    I finally made it.

    Please use this, send the link to people in articles so that the undecided can talk with ron paul supporters. This is NOT a substitute for daily paul chat or ron paul forum chat. Its great to talk to ourselves, but i think its more important to engage with non ron paul supporters. discuss the pros and cons of ALL politicians.
    There is no registration, you just get into it anonymously
    I hope this helps.. have fun, bookmark it and keep it populated

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    Have a link to Romney chat?

    And theres 2 people in the chat room you posted...

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