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Thread: BREAKING! IOWA: If RP Wins Caucus, Kiss First-In-Nation-Status Goodbye

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    BREAKING! IOWA: If RP Wins Caucus, Kiss First-In-Nation-Status Goodbye

    I wish I was kidding. I really do. But, honestly, if Ron Paul pulls in a win for the Iowa Caucus, we can kiss our first-in-the nation status goodbye. As a political nerd and Iowa lover, I cherish our first-in-the-nation status. If Iowans GOP voters pick Paul, the party may penalize the state.

    Here's the deal, Iowans. The rest of the nation thinks we're all a bunch of goobers. And we're not. We're quite a variety of people, religions, ethnicity, etc. We're smart, educated, common-sense people. And we have to get this right (no pun intended).

    Ron Paul would not beat Barack Obama in the general election. It's as simple as that. If Paul ends up being the nominee (it won't happen but, hey, stranger things have happened), I can see a third-party candidate thus ensuring a win for Obama in 2012. Republicans, have we forgot what happened to Bush H.W. Bush in 1992? Ross Perot ran as a third candidate and Bill Clinton ended up winning. We cannot have four more years of Obama.

    Paul has been a congressman from Texas since 1976... before I was even born... before my parents even met. And yet, he claims that "Washington is the problem?" He is Washington and has been my entire life! Also, he ran as a libertarian in the 1988 presidential election. Not a Republican, but a libertarian. And now he's back to claiming to be a Republican. Again, he cannot defeat Obama. It's just not possible.

    I understand the Paul supporters are passionate. I understand that they believe in the Ron Paul "Revolution." I also understand they drank the Kool-aid, ate the brownies (no, really Ron Paul's campaign served brownies at the Iowa Straw Poll).

    We must keep in mind, if we value our freedom, our nation, our military and our first-in-the-nation status, we need to vote for someone other than Ron Paul.

    I'm voting for Rick Santorum in the caucus. You can vote for him or Rick Perry or Michele Bachmann or Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney or even Jon Huntsman... but please. Be serious. Don't vote for Ron Paul.

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    Lol fail.. Mega fail.
    The ultimate minority is the individual. Protect the individual from Democracy and you will protect all groups of individuals
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    Break the link to this trash.
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    Don't link to the article. The author makes money from clicks. Giving them traffic will encourage them to make more.

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    Is the OP the person who wrote this article? Please clarify.

    Additionally, Ron Paul is the ONLY ONE who can beat Obama. Period.

    p.s. LMAO at voting for Huntsmann!
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    Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley had a good quote in the Des Moines Register a few days ago, he says the fear-mongering over the first-in-the-nation status is garbage.

    U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley also discounts fears about the impact of a Paul victory on the Iowa caucuses’ reputation. Grassley noted in an interview that Iowans have gone their own way in previous cycles without ruining future caucuses. He cited Republicans’ support for Mike Huckabee in 2008 and Democrats’ support for favorite son Tom Harkin in 1992.

    “There have been so many times there’s been what my dad used to call ‘crepe-hanging,’ ” Grassley said with a chuckle, referring to the funeral tradition. “There’s always crepe-hanging about the caucuses being ruined because this person or that person might win.”

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    Frontloading HQ, an expert on Presidential election calendars and state voting laws, says Iowa is not going anywhere.

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    people really do walk around thinking this way. sheesh...

    I am getting this strong sense that this nation is actually galvanizing under the elitist propaganda. It is surreal! Oh no, don't for Ron Paul. You think we have it bad now... Oh man, we need anyone in the White House except for Barrack Obama... annd Ron Paul. How about Rosie O'donnel? She's better than Ron Paul too, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bruno View Post
    Is the OP the person who wrote this article? Please clarify.
    Yes. Please do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bruno View Post
    p.s. LMAO at voting for Huntsmann!
    LMAO at Huntsmann? I laughed even harder at voting for Santorum.
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    Actually, Iowa will prove to be prescient and even more relevant than ever in the political process simply because they did not bow to the whim of the establishment. When Paul wins the nomination, it will come back to Iowa as the state that knew what the media and the rest of the GOP did not. Specifically, that this country belongs to We, The People, and not the establishment elite!
    "And now that the legislators and do-gooders have so futilely inflicted so many systems upon society, may they finally end where they should have begun: May they reject all systems, and try liberty; for liberty is an acknowledgment of faith in God and His works." - Bastiat

    "It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere." - Voltaire

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    I had to take a peek at that article. You should see all the POSITIVE RP remarks in the comments. I refreshed the comments section about four times and 99% called her out on bias or supported RP. Fun times

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    Quote Originally Posted by xFiFtyOnE View Post
    LMAO at Huntsmann? I laughed even harder at voting for Santorum.
    True, I have some hearty laughter for him, too, I singled out Huntsmann because the premise is we should vote for someone who polls at 4% instead of someone who is at 24%.
    "I'm not just trying to win or get elected. I am trying to change the course of history" - Ron Paul

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