You can find information on how to become a delegate on pages 6 and 7 here:

My understanding is the following:

1. You must be a registered Republican.
2. Fill out this declaration of candidacy form here.
3. Fill out this pledge of support form here.
4. The forms in #2 and #3 must be filed at the Office of the Secretary of State (148 W River St, Providence) on February 22 or 23 ONLY.
5. Go back to the Office of the Secretary of State the day after you file the forms to pick up nomination papers.
6. Obtain signatures from 150 eligible voters from the city or town where you are registered (it is important that you obtain substantially more than 150 signatures in case some signatures are invalid).
7. Submit the signatures to your local board of canvassers by February 28.
8. Submit documentation to the Office of the Secretary of State by March 6 that shows you have received approval from the Ron Paul campaign to be identified as a delegate for the campaign.

Completing the steps above will place your name on the April 24 primary ballot as a candidate for delegate for Ron Paul for your Congressional District.