My name is Bernardo and I'm from Brazil. I have seen some of your Ron Paul ads and thinks they are all great. I have a suggestion, though.

My general premiss is this: Ron Paul is not running against other candidates, he is running against the whole American political apparatus. The media tried to ignore him: that didn't work out; they tried to laugh of him, say he is just a man from coo-coo island: that didn't work out either. Now, they are attacking him all the time. Yes, first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight and then you win. Maybe so, but it's not automatic.

We, Ron Paul supporters, must realize that Ron Paul Revolution won't have the support of the media establishment nor the GOP's. They will attack us and Ron the best they can, the longer they can, the furious they can. So, my strategy is this:

1) It's best to concentrate on less people than more people, IF we can have a strong support from them. Why? Because they won't go away and they can convince other people.

2) To do this, one have to make two things: positive and negative work. That is, one has to promote his positive agenda and to attack his opponents. To accomplish this, we need two sets of information.

3) The most effective way of promoting anything is by video. Hence, we need to promote our positive and negative agendas through videos.

4) To get a good result in terms of strong support, the message has to thoroughly explained. That requires a lot of time of video. Hence, it cannot be addressed by TV etc. We must have something like a documentary.

5) Of course, one can promote this on the internet. Our supporters always do this voluntarily. That alone can have a good effect, BUT it would probably not reach much people outside current supporters. Therefore, we need to reach out people that are hidden, so to speak. That's to say: we need to deliver this information to them, like is been done with the SuperBrochures.

6) The way to go, hence, is by sending DVDs to people in the early states, and, as the process proceeds, go state by state.


I think we need two DVDs: one on the issues Ron is best and uncontroversial and one on foreign policy and the media bias.

The first one is easy:

a) A little bit of Ron's personal life: doctor, veteran and the most consistent politician ever.
b) Economics: his predictions of the crisis, his understanding of the subject and how he was the only one who saw the economic crisis in advance.
c) His Plan to Restore America.
d) The Police State and what's happening in America right now: the "Patriot" Act, NDAA etc.
e) Social issues: pro-life, traditional conservative, champion of the family etc.
f) Talk about the beginning of the Tea Party and show his supporters.

The second one is the most important, in my opinion. I would go like this:

a) Start with the media calling him a lunatic, crazy, racist; that he wants America and Israel to get nuked, that he is weak on defence matters. And then ask: "Is that what you heard about Ron Paul's foreign policy? Is that what you heard about him? Is any of this true?".

b) Address the media bias first, so people become more sympathetic to him. Show how the media ignored when he almost won the Iowa Straw Poll, show that great Jon Stewart piece. Show how Iowa suddenly became irrelevant, since Ron became first. Then show how the GOP started saying votes don't matter and don't reflect people's choice if they dare to choose Ron Paul. Put that great piece of Cenk Uygar, of The Young Turkey (youtube: Ron Paul Hate From Republican Establishment). Show that classic video in which FOX directors are caught saying to not let Ron Paul supporters appear. Finally, put that confession of Roger Simon that "if Ron Paul wins Iowa, we just take it out".

Once this is done properly, people will already be on his side, maybe not on the issues, but on the character assassination thing;

c) Then go to foreign relations. I think that video "I like Ron Paul, except on Foreign Relatons" is a very good start.

d) Then show again the media distorting his views. In particular, show that great piece of Cenk's in which he shows O'Reilly saying that Ron's desire to make peace with Iran is a disqualifier and then, when talking to Romney, he says that attacking Iran would begin World War III.

e) Make the connection between economics, police state and foreign wars. Start with the famous classical liberal dictum: "War is the health of the State".

f) Make the case that the true conservative foreign policy in non-interventionism and then explain also the Christian Just War theory.

g) Finally, end with that great interview Ron gave to Jack Hunter about Israel.

I think this would be nice a way to go. But, of course, you may know how to improve it a lot. That's just a suggestion of script.


For what I've seen in discussions on Ron Paul Forums, the SuperBrochures are cheap in themselves, but it becomes relatively expensive when delivered. For that reason, I think the best thing to do is to deliver the greatest amount of information per delivery. That increases the cost, but the cost becomes more concentrated in the message, not in the delivery process.

I guess that the two DVDs plus delivery costs will be less than US$ 3.00 per home. But I think the result in terms of strong support will be immensily greater than the Super Brochures. Of course, there should be an instruction, telling the viewer to pass it on to friends, family etc.

The great thing is this: everyday we see at RPF people talking about how they converted their friends and family. So, although this project is more expensive, it may reach more people than the Super Brochures.

Also, the stronger the support, the more money people donate. So, in economic terms, stronger support have a higher benefit / cost ratio.

That's my suggestion. I hope you can improve on that.

My best regards,

Bernardo Vieira Emerick