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Thread: Let's not miss a HUGE opportunity, Iowa Oath Add, Pledge here

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    Default Let's not miss a HUGE opportunity, Iowa Oath Add, Pledge here

    Deadlines are fast approaching and we need to be certain to not only win Iowa, but to win it by as much as possible. This will make a big statement, bumping up donations after Iowa and greatly improving our chances to take New Hampshire next!!

    Let's aim high and get a bunch of these newspapers funded. Once we get all the pledges funded we can all fire away our donations and know that multiple newspapers are funded. I am proposing a minimum pledge of $20 and once we get 300 pledges for a total of $6000 dollars we can all fire away. We have until the 27th to do this!! If you pledge 100 it will count as 5 of the 300 slots taken up!!

    The Iowa oath add donation page can be found at the following link on the RP forums:!

    This add is GREAT bang for the buck, the opposition likes to make the claim that Ron Paul's weakness is on foreign policy. Many voters would vote for Ron Paul if they could be swayed on foreign policy. This add is very eye catching and powerful. I would like to suggest that we add a link to the great new RevPac "Adherence to the Oath" ad on the actual final print:

    The revpac oath ad and the Iowa oath ad print will combine for a great combo!

    Here is what the printed add looks like:

    This is ambitious but I would hate to see us miss this opportunity. I'll start off with $40 dollar pledge. Once we fill up the 300 slots we will fire away!!

    1-2: Krtek ($40)

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    If the 300 pledges do not get filled the pledgers can be released from their commitments. I say we make the deadline for this the 25th, 2 days before the official oath add deadline. If we can't make it by then I can kill this thread and people can just donate the regular way to the oath add. I was just thinking this could light an extra fire under our butts. If you pledge here you will know that you will be a part of a few different big newspaper adds given we reach the goal.

    I think we can pull this off!

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    Come on everyone. If you knew you could give 20 dollars and it would magically morph into 6000 dollars for this crucial newspaper buy would you do it? If enough of us think this way then that is exactly what will happen. Your 20 dollars will actually be 6000!! I know we have all been digging deep and some of us truly have nothing to give at the moment, but I am also certain enough of us can find a way to give $20. If we can start getting some pledges I will post this on the Daily Paul also.

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