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Thread: Mexican ex-officials work for US intelligence

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    Mexican ex-officials work for US intelligence

    AFP Sun, 18 Dec, 2011

    At least 80 former Mexican government officials are currently working as informants for US intelligence agencies, the daily La Jornada reported, citing senior Mexican officials.

    Most of them are gathering information for the US Drug Enforcement Agency, the prestigious daily reported.
    Senior officials in the attorney general's office and the interior ministry said that those informants work as spies, gather and analyze information, and follow cases on request.

    "We have not dismissed the possibility that current government employees are also working for the Americans in combination with their ex-colleagues," a senior government official who has participated in counternarcotics meetings with US officials told the newspaper.

    The spying case came to light during a probe into whether the DEA has laundered drug money seized from criminal groups in Mexican territory, La Jornada reported.

    On December 4, The New York Times reported that undercover US counternarcotics agents have laundered or smuggled millions of dollars in drug proceeds to see how the system works and use the information against Mexican drug cartels.

    Some 45,000 people have been killed in Mexico since 2006, when its government launched a major military crackdown against the powerful drug cartels.

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    Tommorow's news: 80 more bodies dumped in front of a Mexican police station.

    CIA is balls deep with several of the cartels now...along with several major US banks.

    What is the difference between a hero and a cop? A hero will not hesitate to risk his life to protect your safety, a cop will not hesitate to risk your life to protect his safety.
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    Authoritarian leftists. Political prisoners. Gulags. Where are we again?

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