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Thread: Were student loans forgiven while I was asleep?

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    Question Were student loans forgiven while I was asleep?

    I got a letter from Sallie Mae today saying that my loans are now paid off, but I thought I had a good while to go on paying them down. Not complaining of course...just curious. I haven't gotten such a letter from Direct Loans yet-we'll see.
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    Weird. Mine is through Sallie Mae but I haven't received a letter.

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    *Crossing my fingers*
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    If it's an accounting error and they discover it, they will come back after you for the money even if years later.... with accrued interest.

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    I hacked 'em for ya HB. Merry Christmas!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZanZibar View Post
    If it's an accounting error and they discover it, they will come back after you for the money even if years later.... with accrued interest.
    Corporations seem remarkably inept at accounting and common-sense flexibility. Sometimes in my favor, usually not. I'd call them up immediately to tell them they're in error.

    I was supposed to pay $50/mo for ISP service after six months. That time came and went. They charged me $50 for one month, increased my bandwidth nearly 2x both ways, then the price dropped back down to $30/mo.

    OTOH, I had my water utility changed over from another person's name I was paying on. The month after the change, I accidentally sent the amount my account owed to the old account in the other person's name which should have been closed. They refused to refund or transfer my money to my current account even though my name was on the check. Of course, this was a city "service." -- Now, while that particular corporation wouldn't transfer money because the account names weren't the same (implying the accounts must be totally separate), I previously subleased an apartment, and the cable company refused to reconnect service until I paid the previous tenant's bills, plus late fees, and a reconnection fee. They claimed it was corporate policy that if there was a pending debt owed by someone at the address, they will not service that address again until previous debt is paid. Hell -- I once had a cell phone carrier insist we were liable for my mother-in-law's cell phone service contract, even after we offered to send her death certificate (the corp. later apologized for that and waived us from being bound to the contract).

    Then there are other folks' stories.... Amazon once priced a book on Kindle for free due to their faulty algorithm, and refused to pay the author for their mistake because Amazon declared they aren't liable in such a situation in their obtuse wall-of-text ToS agreement. At the same time, Amazon has no problem listing other folks' "publication" of public domain books at $5 or so. Oh -- and try talking to an airline about missing your flight because it took too much time for the TSA to strip you of dignity. At the same time, if an airline misses YOUR schedule because of their delays, there's no chance in Hell you're getting money back.
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