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Thread: Closed Primary States

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    Exclamation Closed Primary States

    I can see it now, "I tried voting for Ron Paul but I was turned away at the poll since I wasn't a Republican." We can NOT let it happen. I know people who support Ron Paul and are actively campaigning for him, but they aren't registered Republicans.

    I know two life long Democrats, and an independent who changed parties using that website.

    Post it on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, e-mail it, etc. I'm sure everyone who is active in social media post Ron Paul material all the time to try and open minds. It works. Slowly, I have had people come out and like Ron Paul's Facebook page, tell me they are now voting for no one but Ron Paul, and even ask what they can do to help the campaign. If we don't win the nomination, being registered in the wrong party should not be the reason why. Every single Democrat, Libertarian, Green Party member who support's Ron Paul has to be voting for Ron Paul come primary or caucus day.

    Unfortunately, many of the deadlines have already passed, but I know at least for Florida its still not too late.
    Rand Paul 2016

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