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Thread: 2012 Ron Paul Effort

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    2012 Ron Paul Effort

    Vermont's primary is scheduled for March 6, 2012. We have until January 9, 2012 to get in our petitions. If you are a register voters in Vermont, have not signed another candidate's petition for ballot access, then you can sign Ron Paul's petition. Respond to this posting and I can email you a PDF of the Petition. Also, Vermont Ron Paul volunteers are organizing now for the day after the NH primary. We are looking to do sign waves, sign bombs, lit drops, letters to the editor and phone banks to get our man a victory in the Green Mountain State. If you are interested in learning more, either reply to this post or keep an eye out for future postings.

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    Have there been any recent polls for Vermont GOP?

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    answer and event announcement

    There has been no polling in Vermont. Romney's campaign rushed to get endorsements from the establishment GOP right after his announcement (70 signatures from elected GOP and state committee members). Ron's success will have to come from the Tea Partiers, independents and disaffected Dems. That we do know.

    This Saturday (12/17) there will be a petition drive to get Ron on the Vermont Ballot. We have coordinators in cities around the state who will be working to get signatures on the ballot petition. We need about 700 more signatures to get him on the ballot. The Towns are Bennington, Rutland, White River Junction, Springfield, and Montpelier. Times and locations will be finalized today and posted here. If you can come Saturday Morning to any of these locations to help out that would be great.

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    Sorry for not posting sooner

    The petition drive in Vermont got off to a good start. We needed a 1,000 signatures and we have at least 800 with more pouring in each day. We will have to see what the final tally is before determining whether to do a second day. Right now we are encouraging VTers for RP to try and collect additional signatures on their own until 12/28 to see if we need a second day. As for in state activities, we hope to do a sign bomb following the NH results and are starting to plan volunteer literature drops in the major towns around Vermont. If you are interested in helping in Vermont, zap me an email at

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    Do you know of any grassroot offices/headquarters in VT?

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    Did we get on the ballot in VT, then? On this page: I see Perry, Romney and Gingrich listed, but not Paul. But obviously that is not an official listing of any kind.

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    current status VT

    Right now, Vermont has County Captains in all but four counties. We have no "brick and motar" HQ but we have several people acting as distributors of materials. We made it to the ballot (all volunteer effort) and have already started sign waves and lit drops in a couple of locations. More activities to be planned for this weekend. We are using Facebook (Vermonters for Ron Paul 2012) and Meet up (VT4RP2012) so you can look there for events as well.

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    Also, several events this weekend you should be aware of:

    Ron Paul Sign Wave in Williston, VT
    date: 1/28
    time: 10:30 to Noon
    location: Taft Corners intersection of Rt 2 and Rt 2A
    Organizer: Moe Kinney
    phone: 802-488-4955

    Ron Paul Sign Wave in Rutland, VT
    date: 1/28/12
    time: 11 am to 1 pm
    location: Gazebo Park corner of Route 7 and Route 4
    Organizer: Steven Howard
    phone 802-779-4447

    Ron Paul Sign Wave in Lyndonville, VT
    date: 1/28/12
    time: 10 am
    location: meet at Lyndonville Freightouse wave at corner of Broad Street and Depot Street
    Organizer: Jessica Bernier
    phone: 802-279-1261

    President's Day Sign Wave in Bennington, VT
    date: 2/20/12
    time: 3 to 5 pm
    location: Four Corners downtown
    Organizer: Audrey Pietrucha
    phone: 802-733-6981

    Finally, we are still looking for county and town captains to help out on election day and to get materials out to the public. Please let us know if you can help or email me if you have any questions or want to learn more.

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    Some links to share with all Ron Paul supporters in Vermont to get connected with a core group of activists working hard !

    VT4RP Meetup group:

    Facebook / Vermont for Ron Paul 2012!/RP2012VT

    Facebook / Vermonters for Liberty

    Facebook / Vermont Campaign for Liberty

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    Posting with a link to the PDF -- Vermont Absentee and Early Voting Ballot Request Form -- and some tips on using it.

    Take them with you when you go out.
    Use them when you find Ron Paul voters!
    Early voting is open now through March 6.
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    Here is the weekly update of what’s happening with the Ron Paul Campaign around Vermont.
    Washington/Lamoille County Planning Meeting
    Date: 2/3/2012
    Time: 5 pm
    Location: 42 Dolan Road, Middlesex, VT
    What: Dexter Lefavour has scheduled a planning meeting in Middlesex at the his home, Lone Elm Farm, Middlesex on Friday, February 3, at 5pm to bring together those interested in helping with the effort. We will have campaign information to handout and also taking suggestions for where to focus energies to have the biggest impact in the Washington/Lamoille area. Hope to see you there!
    Contact: Dexter LeFavour 279-3257 or

    Barre Gun Show Sign Wave and Literature Drop
    Dates: 2/4 and 2/5/2012
    Time: 10 am
    Location: Barre City Auditorium
    What: We will meet near the Ice Rink at 10AM and again at 3 PM both days (2/4 and 2/5) to kick off our first events in Washington County. We will sign wave at the vehicle entrance to the show. Be sure to enjoy and spread our message before and after. Parking is FREE. Adult admission is $7, Children $1. PLEASE TRY TO ATTEND OUR ORGANIZATIONAL MEETING IN MIDDLESEX 2/3 at 5PM
    Contact: Dexter LeFavour 279-3257 or
    Please note that this is an excellent outreach opportunity and have a presence there could really help the cause. So if you can make it to this event, do so.
    NO WAR ON IRAN- National Day of Action
    Date: 2/4/2012
    Time: Noon
    Location: City Hall, Burlington
    What: Gathering in front of City Hall In solidarity with the National Day of Mass Action to Stop a U.S. War on Iran --- NO war! NO sanctions! NO intervention! NO assassinations!
    This event is being organized by another group, but it is a great chance to get Ron Paul message of non-interventionism and illegal wars to an audience willing to listen. Bring your signs and outreach material.
    Contact: Bonnie Scott (

    Castleton/Fair Haven Sign Wave:
    Date: 2/4/2012
    Time: Castleton: 11 am
    Fair Haven: 12:30 pm
    Location: Starting at Main Street, Castleton in front of the library
    Moving to Town Square Fair Haven (Intersection of Washington Street and North Main Street)
    What: A sign wave to let the communities know that Ron Paul is there. We will start in Castleton Main Street in front of the Town Library doing a sign wave for an hour or so. Then we will pull up stakes, and head to the Town Square in Fair Haven for another hour or so. Sign can be provided (and materials handed out) but home-made signs look great too.
    Contact: Steven J. Howard 779-4447

    Now for the national campaign:
    • Last night was a stunning defeat for Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich. After spending a couple of weeks campaigning, millions of dollars (they can't afford to waste), and seriously contesting for a win in FLA, last night results gave them absolutely nothing in return. No delegates. No victories. No bounce. Millions of donor dollars wasted on a pipe dream. Valuable campaign hours thrown away on a vain hope. Meanwhile, Ron Paul goes to Maine, Nevada, Minnesota, and Colorado (all caucus states) and spends his valuable time and money on winning these states which are geared toward his strengths. So now Newt needs to raise more cash and then make a last minute run to Nevada with little organization and resources there. Santorum has already moved there but is equally strapped for cash and resources. Ron has started his second tour of all four caucus states. February is going to be a tough months for the "electable" candidates as the "unelectable" one has already stolen two marches on them and has occupied all four states before the others even got started. Ron is playing the long game, spending his money wisely; go for wins where he has a good chance, focusing on those states where he has a good chance of getting delegates, and looking toward the convention. He wants to win, and if not the nomination, then influence the convention, the platform, and the future of the GOP. The others are out for themselves. Ron is out for his message, to watch it take root and grow so that all Americans will finally have a real choice in elections instead of the current “lesser of two evils” that the major parties keep churning out. So, don’t let South Carolina and Florida get you down. We have four very strong caucuses coming up and we can get that victory for Ron right here in Vermont. But we can only do it if you come out to help. Please attend as many events as you can. Just a few hours each week will build a victory that will stun the GOP and the Country.

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    I emailed you and the other Vermont area leaders to offer help. let me know.

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    got your email. We have plenty of RP Slim Jims (Thanks NH) and lawn signs are coming in. Right now we need warm bodies doing the work of lit drops, sign waves, and poll standing on town meeting day. Any help in this regard will be greatly appreciated.

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    Here are the events for the weekend. Please come out to anyone of these as the time is now to get the message out. We only have a month to spread the word and we need you to do it.

    South Burlington Sign Wave

    Date: 2/11/12

    Time: 10:30 am

    Place: Staples Plaza

    861 Williston Road

    South Burlington, VT

    Contact: Moe Kinney 448-4955

    Northeast Kingdom Ronvoy Sign wave

    Date: 2/12/12

    Time: 9 am

    Place: Six in one day! It must be a RONVOY sign wave!

    45 minute sign waves at these locations:

    1. 9:00am Newport (Courthouse),

    2. 10:00am Orleans (corner Church St and Main St near town hall),

    3. 11:00am Barton (C&C Market on Church St),

    4. 12noon West Burke (corner of Rtes 5 and 5A at Kerrigan's),

    5. 1:00pm Lyndonville (corner of Depot and Broad Sts - near Subway-same as last sign wave),

    6. 2:00pm St Johnsbury (intersection of Hospital and Memorial Dr - near Price Chopper).

    We would like to get as many vehicles as possible to continue the 'RP Kingdom buzz' from earlier NEK sign waves! It is working as we have picked up supporters!

    Contact Jessica 802-279-1261 or Allison at 802-467-3172 for questions and suggestions.

    Sign wave in Pittsford and Brandon

    Date: 2/11/12

    Time: 11 am

    Place: At 11 am we will be in front of the library on Route 7 in Pittsford. We will stay until noon and then move on to the Brandon Town Square where we will sign wave until 1:30 pm

    Contact: Steven J. Howard 779-4447.

    Rally for Real Change

    Date: 2/18/12

    Time: 11 am sign wave, Noon the Rally

    Place: The State House

    This is state wide rally in support of the message of liberty. Libertarians, Tea Partiers, Occupiers, and Blue Democrats will come together to discuss how they can work together for message in the coming elections and after. Our friends from around New England will be in attendance and this could be a huge event, but only if you come. Bring your Ron Paul gear, your enthusiasm, and your commitment to liberty to this event and demand real change from the status quo!

    Finally, I want to encourage everyone receiving this email to get involved. If you canít make any of these events, please consider working in your own time and in your own way to get the word out. We have ample and varied materials for you to have and share, buttons, bumperstickers, lawn signs, and handouts all focused on get the message out. Please contact me at 779-4447 or via email at to get your materials or to learn more about how you can work for Ron Paul in your community.

    Thanks, and hope to see you at any of the above listed events.

    In Liberty,

    Steven J. Howard

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    Rally for Real Change

    The Rally for Real Change
    Saturday February 18, 2012
    House Chamber of The Vermont State House
    Montpelier, VT

    Peace. Love. Liberty.

    Join us as we fire up the Ron Paul r3VOLution in Vermont and respond to the status quo, party line rhetoric with REAL CHANGE: the message of liberty, freedom and a return to the Constitution. Vermont's open primary is March 6. Help us send a message to Washington that we're not willing to trade our rights and the fruits of our labor to sustain endless wars and foreign occupations, government-sanctioned corporate control of our food supply and systems, the militarization of our community and state police forces, attempts to censor the internet, the loss of habeas corpus and what amounts to the destruction of the entire Bill of Rights. People from all political stripes across Vermont and the nation are coming together to support Ron Paul. Come find out why. Saturday February 18 in the House Chamber of The Vermont State House from noon-3.

    Our keynote speaker will be Robin Koerner, founder of Watching America and the Blue Republicans and writer for The Huffington Post.
    Christopher Lawless, NH liberty activist extraordinaire, organizer of the New Hampshire Liberty Forum and Free State Project, and Ron Paul's Freaking Giant.
    Dick Tracy, member of the central Vermont Tea Party group.
    Jessica Bernier, co-founder of the Vermont Coalition for Food Sovereignty, Vermonters for Liberty and organizer of the Capitol Tea Party (4/09)
    Steven Howard, VT Liberty activist and speaker, co-founder of Vermonters for Liberty
    *additional speakers may be added

    Live music from Vermont's own hiphop/funk/reggae/world beat wonders OneOverZero at 1pm (Have a listen:

    Find it on facebook @!/TheRallyForRealChange
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    How did the Rally for Change go?
    Lifetime member of more than 1 national gun organization and the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance. Part of Young Americans for Liberty and Campaign for Liberty. Free State Project participant and multi-year Free Talk Live AMPlifier.

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    Rally for Change and the final push

    The Rally was exciting and well attended (for Vermont). we had a difficult time getting out of the building, because nobody wanted to end it. Now we are on our final push for Primary Tuesday. Our batch of Vermont created RP Brochures (5,000) is gone, within a week. Our super brochures are gone (approximately 5000 to 7000). Sign waves in the NEK, Burlington, and Woodstock well received. Lit drops completed around the state. Mailings through newspapers and direct mail went out yesterday to arrive on Monday. Radio ads running on high rotation throughout the Northern part of the state. Newspaper ads to appear in three major papers in Vermont come out on Monday. Several interviews on public access and radio stations around Vermont have been done. Lit drop today in Rutland and around the state. The national campaign has bought high rotation TV ads on all major TV stations in Vermont. Mitten's crew has been forced to spend money in the state to try to hold his lead. We won't stop until Tuesday Night.

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