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Thread: Star Peace... Ending the Star Wars/Star Trek debate

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    Star Peace... Ending the Star Wars/Star Trek debate

    First it was Carrie Fisher, then William Shatner. Now George Takei is here to resolve this decade-upon-decade-old debate.

    ‎"We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it's forever."
    -Carl Sagan

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    Princess Leia was the first time a whole generation of young boys sat up and thought maybe there was something to this whole girl thing.

    but if IIRC, Takei is not one that would be counted among them....

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    NEW Star Trek (action movie) is 1000% better than NEW Star Wars (prequels). But comparing old Star Trek to Old Star Wars is tough. But we can all agree that twilight is awful and gives more reason to have contempt for teenagers.

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