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Heavenly Father, we are here because we believe that principle and integrity can exist in the world of politics. We are here because we believe in Dr. Paul and his support of the Constitution of the United States of America. We believe that our founding fathers wrote the Constitution guided by you O' Lord and that your words speak to all of us through this great document. We know now that we have looked away for too long, abandoned the important principles, elected officials that did not deserve it because we listened to them and not to you. We want you back Father, we need you back in this system, in our schools, speaking to our leaders, and front and center in our lives. We put our faith in trust in you that you will guide Dr. Paul through this and upcoming debates to give the answers that America wants to hear at this great time in need. We pray that Dr. Paul is given time during this debate to answer questions. We pray that America learns to know and understand the man and what he represents as well as we do. And we ask that your will be done in our lives, our Nation. We put our trust in you God to guide us all tonight. It is in the name of Jesus Christ that we pray. Amen.