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    Question PR Voter Turnout Question

    Seemingly there was about 90,000 votes cast in the GOP primary of 2000 in PR, and yet in 2008 there was only a couple of hundred votes cast for the GOP primary in PR. Can anyone tell me if those approximate numbers are accurate and why there would be such a huge variation in turnout? If typical turnout is a few hundred votes (which is understandable since PR votes in the primaries and not in the general election they could feel "invalidated" as voters) then RP should send a group of supporters there to stump for RP just ahead of the primary. It could be an easy pick up looking at it from a dollar to dollar perspective.

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    In 2000, it was a primary and in 2008, it was a caucus. Also, the Democrats had an open primary in 08 so I'm guessing everyone wanted to vote in the Democratic primary rather than the GOP caucus.

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    Okay, so then assuming its a GOP caucus for 2012, turnout will be low but not as low as 2008 since there really is no Democrat primary this cycle. I imagine its difficult to get republican voters to caucus when they cannot vote in the general election.

    Still a small ground game here could be enough.

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