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Thread: John McCain Decides Constitution No Longer Applies

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    Default John McCain Decides Constitution No Longer Applies

    "Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesn't want to hear.” -Ron Paul

    "Bathtub falls and police officers kill more Americans than terrorism, yet we've been asked to sacrifice our most sacred rights for fear of falling victim to it." -Edward Snowden

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    is iran part of the question, are the powers that be trying to negate a writ of habeas corpus?
    do the hawks want a further war and are they beefing up potus's reach as wardrums sound???

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    Default John McCain Decides Constitution No Longer Applies

    If that's true then Senator McCain... how about we just go ahead and delete Article I, II, & III? Be an ex-Senator, go home, stay home, and leave us alone.

    This is a well written thoughtful article By John Thorpe -- Benzinga Staff Writer

    And to John Thorpe... You are no more of a terrorist than I am. Ron Paul says it best, "Truth is Treason in an Empire of Lies"

    Nice work indeed.
    "Everyone who believes in freedom must work diligently for sound money, fully redeemable. Nothing else is compatible with the humanitarian goals of peace and prosperity." -- Ron Paul

    Brother Jonathan

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    Yeah seriously Travlyr, they should just disband Congress if this bill isn't vetoed (I'm not holding my breath). Also the courts, why bother with all the paperwork.

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