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    Default Remember Ron Paul Riders...

    This post probably belongs in the special forum for the Ron Paul Riders, but I want to make sure more people know about this effort (in case they haven't).

    I just finished reading the blog and I am truly inspired. I hope others will be too when they read it. I posted this on LibertyMaven about it:

    I can not say in words how much I respect this man and his efforts. A few weeks ago two men embarked on a journey across the United States on bikes. The California fires caused one of them to drop out of the effort. The other found the determination to ride onward.

    The idea was to ride across the country on bikes raising awareness about the Ron Paul candidacy for President. His journey is still quite young, but there is no doubt that he is accomplishing his goal. He rides alone, sometimes over 70 miles per day. He rides through towns, deserts, and cities. He stops to place Ron Paul signs, pass out literature, and talk to people about his candidate. Most are receptive.

    As a Ron Paul supporter myself, I cannot describe the feeling I get when reading his blog. A rush of joy truly comes over me. If Ron Paul supporters were all like him the opposing candidates wouldn’t stand a chance. Let him be a lesson to you. He is truly inspiring. I haven’t notified him yet, but when he gets to Virginia I will meet him and support him. I will either ride with him or help him with whatever he needs to continue his quest.

    Ron Paul Rider… you represent everything great about America.

    Read the Ron Paul Riders blog here and then go here and pledge your support for the effort.


    More people need to hear about it. This man is a Ron Paul hero.
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    Oh, he is incredible... I think that the news should be clamouring to interview him... I mean, when in any time in US history has someone endeavored to bike ride across America in support of a President, and promote him (Ron Paul) all the way?????


    This is a first, and should be something very very unique, and recognized.

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    This is very impressive. That ride would be strenuous to do on a motorcycle, but a bicycle... wow!

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    Plus, he has a great mellow vibe in person, so I am sure he is making many converts.

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    I am so inspired by his efforts! When all is said and done, there are a handful of Ron Paul hero's such as this that will be in the history books and we will be able to tell our children and grandchildren about.

    "I do not believe that ideas have an expiration date"

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    Amazing effort! What a great read his blog is.

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    he always motivates me to do more

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    I think the love he gets along the way, will grow exponentially. What dedication.
    Abolish the Privately Owned Federal Reserve Bank Corporation!
    How many more times are we going to let them screw up our economy?

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    Bump for the daytrippers.
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    Wow... Thanks everyone. I hardly know what to say...

    Mr Chubbs, It will be an joy to ride with you. Your generous words honor those who raised me and humble me deeply. Never in a million years would I have imagined someone saying such a thing as you did in your blog.

    Xar, I could not imagine doing this with-out your continueing assistance. The 1/2 page Mosaics are enormously effective.

    Sylvania, Your fliers were such a hit, they have all gone to... just the right type of folk. I look forward to meeting again.

    Katao, When you signed that pledge I danced a jig and knew that part would work as well. Those pledges are quite the incentive for me and seeing that first commitment on the big one... I don't know what to say except, thanks!

    Mitch, I am stoked you got the Facebook thing going and thankful for your continueing promotion

    Michael, Love is a wonerous thing. I am lucky to have larned the true meaning of aloha and to have the ability to share it.

    I am really glad to see that this little jaunt inspires and delights people. That is what we ned to win. To be the type of people that are attractive, with our commitment to make the world a better place, and a style which makes it seem fun and exciting.

    I certainly neither feel, nor consider myself a hero. I am just a simple poet who went on a journey that taught me that we are all much more capable than we give ourselves credit for. Heroes are people who jump on grenades and hold back overwheming force so comrades can make an escape. People who rush into fire to drag the wounded to safety.

    If I am a hero, then so are all who leave their comfort zone to do something for others. In this campaign the heroes are those who knock on that first door, though they cring at the thought, those that sacrifice that DVD to donate to the campaign, those that put aside their personal "fun" time to do anything they wouldn't normally do. many of you are heroes to me and it is an honor to be working alongside you.

    I is what I am
    through blood and pain
    with sleepless nights
    and a burning brain
    I sought to learn so much
    But found I know so little
    Because behind every door
    lies a deeper riddle
    I is what I am
    and I'd just like to say
    That I'm just like you
    at the end of the day

    with much aloha

    Don't let others get you down. Not naysayers, not pretenders, not appeasers, not opportunists; none of em.

    What others do pales beside what YOU do.

    Press on! - The r3VOLution continues...

    "Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence.Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan 'press on' has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race."

    ~ C.Coolidge

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    Since Jack Cafferty seems so reasonable and open-minded about RP's candidacy he might mention this wonderful effort? Anybody got any contacts close to him? I get the feeling some parts of the media are now realizing that there is a huge movement for RP, just hidden by the polls only polling those who voted for Bush 2004, and could really help from now on.

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    sent a little...hope it helps!

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    Simply amazing... stay safe out there

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