Anyone want to join in?

It's Tiffiny Ruegner with THE RIGHT MIXX. I would like to share with you a special invitation from myself, my friends at, and Congressman Paul Ryan. The Tea Party Cyber Tour is a very special project to me, and so I'm excited to present you with this opportunity to speak directly with Congressman Ryan this Thursday night. You can find additional details below.

Tiffiny Ruegner
National Events Director

Dear Patriot,

At, we're excited to bring you access to Conservative leaders from across the country. In our Tea Party Cyber Tour tele-townhall style events, we've been joined by Presidential candidates Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann, as well as great patriots like Rep. Allen West, and Sen. Mike Lee. Now we are proud to announce that Congressman Paul Ryan will be joining us Thursday at 7:00pm ET for our tele-townhall!

Paul Ryan was 28 when he arrived in the House of Representatives in 1999 as a Republican freshman from Wisconsin. Making waves since then the Wall Street Journal described the Congressman thus: “Paul Ryan doesn't look like the menacing sort. He's amiable in a familiar Midwestern way, his disposition varies between cheerfully earnest and wry, and he uses words like "gosh." Yet to hear Democrats tell it, the 41-year-old Republican congressman is the evil genius, the cruel and mad budget cutter”. A true representation of Tea Party tenant, Congressman Ryan has pushed fiscal responsibility.

To participate in the event, please visit now to sign up. The townhall will be moderated by nationally syndicated radio host Rusty Humphries, and it gives our membership an opportunity to directly ask Congressman Ryan whatever questions you like!