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Thread: Have you had as much success converting voters as I have?!

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    Default Have you had as much success converting voters as I have?!

    I am a 22 year old Air Force Veteran of Afghanistan. I am now out of the service and soon to be attending college. I have converted at least 10 friends of mine through actual conversation, and outspoken but not too outspoken facebook posts.

    Now my friends are as serious about it as I have been since may, and they have converted their entire families! you can bet the town of Howards grove, WI will have RON PAUL 2012 signs all over it when the time comes.

    the Scott Walker Republicans just EAT UP "The Plan to Restore America". Most educated and aware voters now realize that our foreign policy is out of control and kills our economy too!

    and once they learn about Paul, they usually want to see a debate to verify. Thankfully Dr. Paul has been KILLING IT in these debates lately.

    Its great to watch friends feel the same thing I felt when I first learned. Seeing them sit there watching hours of youtube videos and just having that light bulb go on in their head is a great thing!

    how have you done?

    oh yea ------ HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
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    I converted a few of my friends and my mother. The youth are much easier to convince.

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    Every single friend and relative I have is extremely receptive to our views when I bring them up. ....and that makes sense. We have reason, history, and facts on our side.

    I plan on asking my family, nearly all registered democrats, to change party affiliation as a Christmas gift to me so that they can vote for Paul in our state's primary.

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    haha i put "ron paul 2012 car window cling" on the top of my christmas list and my grandmas was quickly converted

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    I've managed to convert a couple liberal family members. It's the neo-conservatives that are damn near impossible. One of my neo-con friends told me that he disagreed with Paul during Tuesday's debate, because Ron Paul is against the patriot act, and for his views on foreign policy. I tried explaining it to him, but he just wouldn't have it. He's simply too brainwashed by Limbaugh/Hannity/Beck. His modern history is completely messed up too. He didn't know who attacked us on 9/11 (he thought the Taliban attacked us), and he thought we weren't in the middle east before 9/11. I tried explaining to him the history of our intervention in the Middle East, like the CIA's installation of the Shah, how we'd been bombing Iraq for 10 years, etc, but he wouldn't have it. And it's sad, because he's a really good person, he's just totally brainwashed.

    I find that arguing with these people is nearly impossible, because despite logic and history being on our side, they usually completely dismiss it.

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    my entire family hates me...

    not so sure how i feel about you rubbing it in
    Those Who Do Not Move, Do Not Notice Their Chains.

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    A significant chunk of my family is so hopelessly lost I would risk permanently alienating myself if I pressed the issue. I've always let them ask me about Ron Paul, but as soon as I say something they don't understand their eyes glaze over and they immediately change the subject.

    On the other hand, my immediate family is all voting for Ron Paul this election cycle. They either voted for McCain or Obama last time. I'm not sure if that's because I told them, "Don't blame me, I voted for Ron Paul." or because they came around on their own. I was pleasantly surprised last time I visited that "Everyone in this house is voting for Ron Paul."

    In 2007/2008 I planted seeds. Sometimes that is all you can do.
    O.B.A.M.A. = One Big Ass Mistake, America

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