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Thread: Romney: Need a "very different form of law" when dealing with domestic terrorism

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    Default Romney: Need a "very different form of law" when dealing with domestic terrorism

    Tonight during the CNN National Security debate (11/22/2011), Romney gave a position about discarding constitutional rights for those who have been accused of domestic terror. He maintains this notion that terrorism is a special crime that the constitution need not apply to. He thinks that people accused of domestic terrorism should not be afforded rights whatsoever. In his mind there is a clear distinction between crime and terror, and therefore we can obey the constitution for one and not the other. He advocates a "very different form of law" if you are accused of terrorism. Essentially Due Process would be dead as we know it for someone accused of domestic terrorism, under this Fascist.

    ROMNEY: Lets come back to the issue that seems to be so confusing here. Congressman Paul talked about crime. Newt Gingrich is right. There are different categories here. There is crime, and there are rights that are afforded to American citizens, under our constitution, and those who are accused of crime. Then there is war, and the tool of war being used today in America and around the world is terror. There is a different body of law that relates to war. And for those that understand the difference between the two, they recognize that we need tools when war is waged domestically to assure that as President of the United States, you can fulfill your first responsibility, which is to protect the life, liberty, and property of American citizens, and defend them from foes domestic and foreign. And that means yes, we'll use the constitution and criminal law for those people who commit crimes. But those who commit war, and attack the United States, and pursue treason of various kinds, we will use instead a very different form of law, which is the law that is afforded to those who are fighting America.

    Go to 11:00 in this clip:
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    The short-sightedness of this just blows me away. These police-state "conservatives" are the most dangerous national security threat to the people of this country.

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