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Thread: Presidential Straw Poll at Precinct Caucuses

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    Presidential Straw Poll at Precinct Caucuses

    Per a vote at the State Central Committee meeting on Nov. 12, a Presidential Straw Poll will be held at Precinct Caucuses.

    N.B. to vote in the Straw Poll (and other Caucus business, like electing delegates to your County Convention) you must be a registered Republican in the precinct which is caucusing. If your county issues proof of registration, bring it! The officers will work from a list of registered voters from the County Clerk. You may not register at the caucus. Provisional ballots are not permitted.

    Precinct Caucuses will be held between February 9 and February 29 (depending on when your county convention is scheduled). Check the state GOP calendar, your county GOP web site, or your county GOP officers for details.
    Put the "Republic" back in "Republican"!

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    The County Conventions will be selecting Delegates and Alternates to the National Convention. Which is what we're all here for, isn't it? County Convention delegates will be elected at the Precinct Caucuses.
    Put the "Republic" back in "Republican"!

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    Put the "Republic" back in "Republican"!

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