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Thread: Neocon radio heads IGNORING Perry debate splat?

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    Neocon radio heads IGNORING Perry debate splat?

    So far, Bill Bennett will not discuss it.

    I find this beyond interesting.

    I really don't see how it can be ignored. It was epic fail.

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    it doesn't matter if they ignore it, it's already gone viral. I can't wait to watch Jon Stewart tonight lol.

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    Bilderbergers get passes apparently.

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    Yeah, I'm thinking, too, that if they DO talk about it, they'll have to bring up the context, in which RON PAUL plans to cut FIVE departments compared to Perry's THREE.

    Not gonna happen.

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    Its an epic fail but there is no reason it should actually stop anyone from voting for him that was already planning to. We could already tell from the previous debates that he was an idiot, so him forgetting what department he wants to eliminate... wait a second... department he wants to eliminate? Wow, Paul is such an amazing success to get the others talking about eliminating departments. Wow.

    Paul isn't winning the debate? Watch the others copy his brilliant strategies for the USA.

    Perry won't be seeing another hit. He's already done badly in the debates we know this already. He'll use his banked money to stay afloat until the elections and capture maybe 10%.


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