The worship of gold as a "god" in itself
Since the infusion of millions of curses into gold as a medium of “lawful money” by the Ramses Menes pirates ordering the Israelites to “melt down” the history of the Hyksos, three groups have dominated the control of gold, with only one being immune to the curse of gold – the Cuilliaéan; the other two being the Israelites and the swamp pirates being the Menes (later Menes-Heh and their descendents the Khazars, Venetians, Ashkenazi, Zionist).

Roussel's Rothschild says if You want to defeat us "Abolish loans with interest and don't create any more money". Economic cycles will disappear. Wealth will no longer be concentrated in the hands of a few "mega creditors" like me and money will gain value in time. What you bequeath to your children will have more value than when you first got it."