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Thread: Limited Government

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    Limited Government

    So finally someone else in my area wrote a pro Ron Paul letter to the editor.

    Of course the sheep came out full force in the comments, saying Paul was a fringe candidate, etc, etc.

    I commented how Paul was the only one wanting to cut spending, balance the budget, bring the troops home, and limit the size of government.

    Well, someone asked me to cite where it said the Constitution was supposed to limit the size of the federal government. Seriously? I thought it was mandatory that you take a government class in highschool? Apparently not....

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    Congress was only allowed to do those things mandated in Article 1, Section 8, of the Constitution, nothing else. In high school, they teach that the "Necessary and Proper" Clause and the "Interstate Commerce" Clause allows Congress to do whatever it wants and how it wants.

    I also believe this quote is useful: "It is incredible how Americans believe one city (Washington D.C.) should rule over 300 million people."

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