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Thread: Wisconsin Supporters! MeetUp March 24th

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    Default Wisconsin Supporters! MeetUp March 24th

    I just made a meet up for State Street in Madison on March 24th to hand out Ron Paul flyers with Voting Dates and Locations. For those of you who aren't familiar with Madison, state street is often swamped with people, to the tune of thousands. Especially at the beginning of spring when it starts to warm up. I want to go from 12PM until you cant hang anymore, I'll probably stay all day and into the night.

    Hand Out Flyers

    Any takers? I'll begin designing the flyers and post them here later. | @transfer_point

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    Did you also post this in the Wisconsin state subforum? In this case a duplicate post is warranted. This may drop off the page, and people who want to check in for Wisconsin stuff should be able to find it.
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    The Pack is a HUGE WAY.

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    I'll post it in the wi sub, thanks! | @transfer_point

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