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Thread: A good source explaining how government intervention into the housing market caused the b

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    A good source explaining how government intervention into the housing market caused the b


    I'm currently involved with a "more government and regulations" debater. Need a good source explaining how the government and the Fed created the bubble.

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    Searching for various topics is a great place to get information. For example, "housing bubble", "CRA", "Freddie Mac". If you are looking for a book, "Meltdown" by Thomas Woods does a great job of explaining all of the issues in easy to understand terms.

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    check out that Mortgage bankers speech by Schiff.

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    Exactly when the bubble started is difficult to say since it began growing slowly but it burst in 2006.

    It is audio, not video, but I though this did a pretty good job of explaining some of it.

    Thoughts from several economists on the Fed's impact:

    Was the Fed keeping interest rates low? A chart of the Prime lending rate set by the Fed:

    As can be seen here, the Fed was actually raising their interest rates as the housing bubble grew- doubling them from 2004 though 2006. They started lowering rates in 2008- after the housing bubble had already burst. But it should be noted that mortgage rates do not necessarily follow the Fed's interest rates. Instead, they more follow mid- range (roughly 10 year) Treasury note rates. The Fed does not set those rates- they are determined via auctions conducted by the Treasury. Long term interest rates are even lower now but demand has continued to fall or be flat in most markets.
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    Read these two by Robert Murphy:

    Evidence that the Fed Caused the Housing Bubble:

    Did the Fed Cause the Housing Bubble?

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