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Thread: Help: Short Video Ad for this Moneybomb

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    Help: Short Video Ad for this Moneybomb

    Does anyone have a good :30 video to promote this money bomb?

    Or, is anyone out there good enough at video work to produce one?

    I think we need to promote this money bomb harder if we are going to have success. Please PM me if you can work with me on a short video.

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    I think something like this that brings tears to people's faces would be great for the moneybomb...

    Rand Paul 2016 for Peace

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    Here are a couple I uploaded to my channel. Some clips from other videos stitched together...second one I used some fundraising info.

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    These videos are good, but they are not condusive to being broken down to a :30 ad. These would make better online ads.

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