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Thread: Up in Smoke - This week's 2012 Speculatron

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    Up in Smoke - This week's 2012 Speculatron

    Reviews of all the candidates here:

    Another week, another Ron Paul money-bomb, this time netting the Texas Congressman a cool $3 million. And Paul's putting the money to use as best as he can -- he's practically carpet-bombed the state of Iowa with ads. He's best in class in that regard, but something to remember is that by and large, the rest of the class hasn't yet shown up for homeroom:

    Ron Paul has spent the most in presidential advertising so far this year in Iowa's largest television market, a Des Moines Register review shows. But the total spent at the Des Moines CBS and NBC affiliates - nearly $500,000 so far - is far lower than the total $8.6 million spent in caucus advertising four years ago at those stations, the review shows.

    Paul's putting forth a mighty effort, and his campaign insists that the effort is leading to "steady, growing the key early-voting states of Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina." The evidence for this, however, is scant: he's got 12% in Iowa and New Hampshire, where he trails Romney and Cain. He is showing growth in South Carolina, where he's gone from 4% to -- guess what? -- 12%.

    The problem here is that at 12%, Paul is pretty much where you'd expect him to be. The big task of this try at the White House is to move that needle and demonstrate that the grassroots support Paul has earned -- which is not anything to sneeze at, those "money-bombs" are impressive -- can be built upon. So far, this is not happening.

    Though it hardly helps that the media continues to give Paul short shrift. New York magazine's Dan Amira caught Michael Shear of The New York Times doing what the political media does best: forgetting about Paul's existence. In a piece centered around the possibility that Rick Perry might opt out of the debates, Shear wrote: "Mitt Romney, in particular, would probably pounce. Mr. Romney, who is the only veteran of a previous presidential campaign on the stage each time, has gotten the better of Mr. Perry in nearly every televised exchange." As Amira pointed out, Ron Paul actu... more
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    thanks for putting the relevant text here so I don't have to go to the HP. +1

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